Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Letting go of illusions.  Living in the moment.  Letting go of what is so you can have what awaits.

Morning peeps~

Ive been away from my blog so long.. And i couldnt even figure out how to write a new post. Frankly, im not happy about change in any way, shape or form but that isthe way of the world,no?

Yes, this is my new life, new future, new friend, new of me, (oh new blog also~ haihhh). I have had a very difficult time adjusting to my NEW 'job'. I am 'on' from the minute I walk in the door. Oh, i start listen to people now! (which is good for me actually, stubborn girl~!)

this is me~ i went to Taman Layang-Layang with make up,
maxi dress, cardigan & heels~ Oh Em Gee~!!!! =)

p/s : salahkan lighting & flash psl muka aku berkilat!

The truth is dat this stage is much easier than the harder, earlier stages of the process. The 'months' spent figuring things out and working through the best ways to handle things for my ex and me were terrible.

Once I had made the decision, the worry about going full time and how it would affect your life, family, job and friends is tough but somehow I knew I had to do it.

Looking back it was the right thing to do for me.

I have gained much. I am happy, optimistic and at ease with myself. I have new friends, a new job and new interests.

My ex and I although now break up are like best friends.

That’s not to say it’s been easy.

taken at the Curve~ Makan HOT & ROLL sblum msuk tgk muvee
Snow White & the Huntsman =)

p/s : kak mast amik pic ni while am eating and sgt comot masa tu.
So kene ttup mulut yg comot! haihhh~

Oh gosh~ i always do have problem to end my post. Hahaha... =) Enjoy this vid !

I dd8 this song to him...

Hatiku digirisnya lagi 
Kali ini lebih dalam dan pedih 
Kerna aku sudah berjanji 
Dia cinta ku yang terakhir 

Sungguh tak pernah ku menduga 
Dia akan mengulanginya semula 
Namun untuk menodai cinta 
Dan membiarkan aku sengsara 

Dia tempat ku sandar 
Angan ku pendamkan 
Satu percintaan 
Yang bisa ku jadikan 
Tangga-tangga ku ke pintu syurga 
Meleraikan rindu 

Mengecap bahagia 
Yang kerap dimadah 
Insan yang murni 
Yang dah rasakan cinta 
Yang aku... mimpi

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